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Data Post Processing


From Vision to Precision

One Stop Shop

At ecko360, we stand as the quintessential one-stop shop for reality capture and data visualization, offering a seamless, integrated experience. Our comprehensive suite of services eliminates the need to juggle multiple vendors, providing you with a streamlined process from capture to final visualization. Our expertise encompasses everything from high-definition 3D scanning to advanced aerial mapping and immersive virtual tours, all tailored to your specific project requirements. With ecko360, you're not just getting data; you're getting a fully realized vision, delivered with the precision and clarity that only a leader in the field can provide. Partner with us and watch as we transform your project data into actionable insights and compelling visual stories, all under one roof.

100% In-House

By processing reality capture data in-house with ecko360, you command an unparalleled synergy of efficiency, precision, and versatility. In-sourcing this critical task streamlines workflows, significantly reducing turnaround times without sacrificing the exacting standards required for high-precision data. Our meticulous approach ensures that every dataset reflects the utmost accuracy, capturing your project's nuances down to the finest detail. Moreover, our expertise in handling a diverse array of deliverables means that we can seamlessly integrate data into any coordinate system, tailoring our output to fit your specific needs. With ecko360's in-house processing, you gain a trusted partner that adapts to your project demands, ensuring that your reality capture data is not just a collection of points, but a robust foundation for informed decision-making and strategic planning.

We Take Pride in Our Numbers


Lasers a second


of Dollars saved


Terabytes of data processed


Aerial Services Provider on the Northshore


As an Industry Leader


Exceptional Quality

Advanced Analytics

Utilizes sophisticated algorithms for data interpretation.


Data can be processed to meet specific client needs or project requirements.


Utilizes specialized knowledge and skills of in-house professionals.

Data Security

In-house processing means sensitive data remains within the company's control.

Data Consistency

Ensures uniform processing standards across all projects.


Easily scales processing capabilities to match project size and complexity.

Rapid Turnaround

Eliminates delays associated with outsourcing, leading to faster delivery of results.


Seamlessly integrates with existing workflows and systems.


Reduces the need for multiple stationary sensors or extensive manual surveying efforts, thereby saving costs.

Control Over Data Quality

Direct oversight of the processing ensures high-quality results.

PPK - Post Processing Kinematic

Experience unparalleled accuracy in geospatial data with ecko360's in-house PPK (Post-Processed Kinematic) solutions, meticulously calibrated against one or more on-site base stations. Our sophisticated approach to PPK post-processing not only enhances the precision of your data but also solidifies the dependability of each measurement. By leveraging the stability of on-site base stations, we ensure that your data is not just accurate, but consistently reliable, offering a steadfast foundation for your critical decisions. This integration of advanced PPK techniques with our in-house expertise allows for seamless, swift, and superior processing of spatial information. Choose ecko360 for geospatial solutions where precision is not just promised—it's delivered.


Unleash the full potential of precision with ecko360's in-house matching on point cloud to point cloud, relative and to control. Our cutting-edge technology ensures that every nuance of your spatial data is perfectly aligned, providing an unrivaled level of accuracy and consistency. Whether you're dealing with intricate architectural details or expansive topographical surveys, our system meticulously cross-references and calibrates your point clouds against control points or relative datasets. This means you can trust the integrity of your data, enabling you to execute complex projects with confidence and ease. With ecko360, you're not just capturing details; you're harnessing the power of precision to elevate your project's reliability and your business's reputation.

ground control points


ecko360 stands at the forefront of geospatial reliability, ensuring the utmost accuracy of our deliverables through rigorous validation against established control points. Our commitment to quality is unwavering, as we meticulously cross-check every dataset, providing you with not just data, but the assurance of its precision. To augment trust and transparency, we accompany our results with comprehensive reports that detail the validation process, offering a clear depiction of the accuracy and quality of the information provided. When you partner with ecko360, you're not just receiving data; you're gaining the confidence of thoroughly validated insights that can propel your projects to new heights of excellence.


Dive into a world of clarity with ecko360's advanced classification capabilities, expertly designed to filter out noise and zero in on the features that matter most to your project. Our sophisticated algorithms intelligently distinguish between pertinent data and extraneous information, ensuring that what you receive is not merely data, but actionable insights. By isolating the essential elements of your scans, we lock down the features of interest, delivering a clean, precise, and focused dataset. This meticulous attention to detail means that every decision you make is informed by the highest quality data, tailored to highlight the nuances critical to your success. With ecko360, empower your projects with the precision of pinpoint accuracy and the confidence of noise-free, feature-rich deliverables.

DALL·E 2023-11-21 09.46.09 - A high-resolution image depicting a 3D point cloud visualizat
Deliverable generation

Deliverable Generation

Step into a realm of bespoke geospatial solutions with ecko360, where your data deliverables are custom-tailored to align with any coordinate system you choose. Our adaptive processing capabilities mean that your results are not just precise, but also perfectly synchronized with your specific project requirements. Whether you're working with local site coordinates or global positioning standards, our deliverables seamlessly integrate into your workflow, providing a smooth, efficient, and error-free experience. With ecko360, you have the freedom to dictate the geospatial language of your project, ensuring that the data you receive is ready for immediate application, no matter the scale or scope. Embrace the power of tailored precision and universal compatibility with ecko360.


Digital Elevation Models (DEMs)

Digital Surface Models (DSMs)

Digital Terrain Models (DTMs)

Contour Maps

Volume Calculations

Hydrological Models

Corridor Mapping


Custom Built Server

Discover the pinnacle of processing power with ecko360's custom-built server, ingeniously engineered to handle large datasets with unprecedented speed and efficiency. Our state-of-the-art server is not just a piece of technology—it's the bedrock of our 75% increase in productivity, transforming the way geospatial data is processed. This bespoke powerhouse cuts through massive amounts of data with ease, delivering results faster than ever before and dramatically accelerating project timelines. With ecko360, you're not just getting data processing; you're unlocking a realm of heightened productivity, where large-scale data is not a hurdle, but a high-speed avenue to success. Partner with us and propel your projects forward with the unmatched efficiency of our specialized processing server.

custom built server


ecko360 industrial is the go-to provider for advanced UAV remote sensing services in the Gulf Coast region. Our team of experts has the experience and expertise to deliver accurate, reliable data that can help you take your project to the next level. Contact us today to learn more about our services.

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