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Ecko360 Gets New THETA Z1 Camera

We are so excited to get our hands on the new RICOH THETA Z1!

"Striving for ease of use with amazing high performance."


  1. The THETA Z1 achieves incredibly high image quality along with capturing high definition 360 degree images in 23MP (6720 x 3360, 7K)  still shooting and accurate image stitching

  2. Uses a newly developed lens unit which reduces ghosting, flare and purple fringe. 

  3. Produces incredibly realistic spherical video by 4K (3840 x 1920, 29.97fps) quality.

  4. Supports 360° live streaming in 4K. Transmits excellent quality real-looking image to the world.

  5. Equipped with a 4-channel microphone. (4 microphones are built into the camera to independently record sound from 4 different directions when shooting video.)

  6. Demonstrates superior noise reduction performance even when shooting at night or indoors with low light due to the equipped 1.0-inch back illuminated CMOS image sensor.

The THETA Z1 supports many different types of shooting scenarios using a variety of shooting models. THETA Z1 allows for creativity and dives deeper into the newer capabilities of technology today.

It allows you to record 4K video with 360 degree spatial audio so you can enjoy a better and more realistic virtual reality experience. Not only that but with THETA Z1 you can easily access and edit your images in Adobe Lightroom Classic CC. With dedicated editing apps "THETA+" you can put finishing touches on any of your work.

We are thrilled to add this awesome, cutting edge technology to our inventory and be able to create eye catching content for all of our future clients!

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