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ecko360 Industrial: Data Collection

Ecko360 Industrial is a technology company pioneering data acquisition and visualization across a range of products and services.

The company is currently building a unique software platform for data visualization of LIDAR, photogrammetry, multispectral, thermal, and other data. We have developed very unique technology programs and solutions for a broad range of industries.

Ecko360 Industrial also has experience in both research and development of reality capture and documentation technologies which is why they are slowly becoming a known competitor in the market.

Photographic Documentation

We are a construction photo documentation pioneer as well as a full-service industrial site photography provider. Ecko360 specializes in professional photography and provides services to a broad range of industries.

Benefits of photo documentation

  1. Maintain a record of certain milestones at anytime with progression photography (and we specialize in aerial progression as well)

  2. Take your company up a notch with professional photography for all of your marketing material

  3. Be able to recall the location of a certain utility wire with as-built photo documentation

  4. Capture the current conditions of your job-site, document all utilities as found or during the critical time between inspection & cover-up

construction site photography of wiring


LIDAR stands for light detection and ranging, it is an active form of remote sensing.

We rapidly collect dense, accurate datasets and produce a full suite of terrain mapping products to meet your mapping and modeling requirements. For planning, analyzing, or managing emergency response, LiDAR mapping solutions provide high-accuracy remote sensing and terrain mapping.

Aerial LiDAR

With an UAV, LiDAR datasets can help your organization gain valuable information about terrain and other land-based features through remote sensing technologies. From those datasets, 3D models can be created to give urban planners, emergency management teams, and other agencies to get a comprehensive view of an environment in a non-intrusive safe way.

Different applications:

  1. Vegetation Penetration

  2. Utility Infrastructure

  3. Open Pit Mining

  4. Forestry

  5. Construction Site Monitoring

  6. Cultural Preservation

  7. Glacier & Snowfield Mapping

  8. Land Erosion

Reality Capture

Reality capture can give you the best data available. This will improve the entire project from beginning to end. This technology allows for better collaboration on the construction site, resulting in increased productivity, less rework, and reduced RFIs.

Specifically for Safety, Planning, Coordination, Documentation, Inspection, Production, Stockpile volumes, 3D modeling and QA/QC.

Better Data = Better Decisions

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