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Mapping on the Move

On the Go

Revolutionize your mapping needs with our Mobile LiDAR service, where agility meets accuracy. Our state-of-the-art Mobile LiDAR systems deliver high-resolution, three-dimensional geospatial data while on the move, capturing the environment with incredible detail and precision. Ideal for urban planning, infrastructure development, and large-scale surveying, our service dramatically reduces data collection time and costs. With Mobile LiDAR, enjoy the flexibility of rapid deployment across diverse terrains, the convenience of significant data processing speed, and the assurance of high-quality outputs. Step into the future of surveying and experience the world mapped in dimensions you never thought possible.

Traditional Methods vs Mobile

Mobile LiDAR eclipses traditional surveying by offering rapid, accurate, and non-intrusive data collection. Where conventional methods are slow and labor-intensive, requiring physical measurement and being prone to human error, Mobile LiDAR captures millions of precise data points on the go, creating detailed three-dimensional environmental models. This efficiency minimizes human intervention and accelerates the surveying process, especially over expansive or challenging terrains. The non-contact nature of Mobile LiDAR ensures it's safer and less disruptive, making it a superior choice for modern surveying needs.

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Exceptional Quality

Extensive Coverage

Capable of covering large areas quickly, making it ideal for mapping and surveying extensive landscapes or infrastructure.

Dynamic Data Collection

Offers the ability to capture data on the move, which is perfect for monitoring changes in environments over time or for large-scale projects.

High Spatial Resolution

Mobile sensors often provide high-resolution data, allowing for detailed analysis of the surveyed areas.

Enhanced Safety

Minimizes the need for human personnel in potentially hazardous areas, thereby enhancing safety.

Data Consistency

Offers standardized data collection, which can be crucial for projects that require consistent methodology over time and across different locations.


Systems can be scaled up or down depending on the size and scope of the project, making mobile remote sensing adaptable to both small and large-scale operations.


Accelerates the data collection process, enabling faster turnaround times for projects requiring up-to-date geographic information.

Improved Accessibility

Can access difficult terrains or urban areas where traditional aerial methods or stationary sensing is impractical.


Reduces the need for multiple stationary sensors or extensive manual surveying efforts, thereby saving costs.


Adaptable to various platforms such as vehicles, trains, or boats, allowing for the collection of data in different contexts and environments.

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Mobile LiDAR

Drive into the future of data acquisition with our Mobile Vehicle Mounted LiDAR service. This cutting-edge solution combines the agility of vehicular mobility with the precision of LiDAR technology, enabling rapid and comprehensive data capture over expansive areas. Ideal for urban planning, infrastructure assessment, topographical surveys, and transportation studies, our service efficiently maps and models intricate environments. The advantages are manifold: reduced field time, enhanced safety by minimizing on-foot surveys in hazardous areas, and the ability to cover vast terrains without compromising on data quality. With the added benefit of continuous data collection, even in challenging terrains and weather conditions, our Mobile LiDAR service ensures you receive a rich, detailed, and accurate spatial dataset. Harness the power of mobility and precision, and let our vehicle-mounted LiDAR drive your projects to unparalleled heights of accuracy and efficiency.

Side Scan Sonar

Discover the hidden intricacies beneath the water's surface with our advanced Side Scan Sonar service. This state-of-the-art technology provides unparalleled imaging of underwater terrains, revealing detailed structures, objects, and geological features often missed by traditional methods. Perfect for a myriad of applications, our service is instrumental in maritime archaeology, revealing sunken vessels and historical artifacts. It's also invaluable for environmental studies, mapping seabed habitats, and assessing impacts on marine ecosystems. Infrastructure developers and maintenance teams can utilize it for inspecting submerged structures, ensuring the safety of bridges, piers, and pipelines. Dive into a realm of clarity and precision with our Side Scan Sonar service, and unlock a wealth of underwater insights.

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ecko360 industrial is the go-to provider for advanced UAV remote sensing services in the Gulf Coast region. Our team of experts has the experience and expertise to deliver accurate, reliable data that can help you take your project to the next level. Contact us today to learn more about our services.

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