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ecko360 Industrial makes a splash at the 2018 GMRC Conference.

ecko360 Industrial shows off latest in Reality Capture Technologies at GMRC Conference. ecko360 experianced lots of interest in the LNG Transfer side of the Oil / Gas Industry. Showcasing reality capture services helping Prime contractors by eliminating unnecessary costs, delays & miscommunications. Their philosophy is a shake up from traditional text oriented documentation to visual documentation which helps eliminate unnecessary travel and scheduling while conveying information in an intuitive user friendly way. Project Managers utilizing ecko360 Industrial's services are enjoying the extra time they have on hand. A 3D Virtual walkthrough can be utilized to remotely bid on the project. The walkthrough can then be utilized to add annotations or media to display what will be worked on. "The client is usually pretty impressed the Prime is utilizing the technology and they end up winning the Bid" says Hunter Bankston, ecko360 Industrial's CEO. The Walkthrough can then be used as reference material throughout the project and for reassembly or shelved as As Found documentation. Hunter Bankston says  "the 3D Virtual Walkthroughs hold up in court and pay for themselves ten fold." We have done work with all the major players including TransCanada, Williams, State Group, Universal Plant Services, Lincoln Construction etc. You can learn more about ecko360 Indsutrial's Services by calling (985) 662-3600 or emailing your questions to

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