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Remote Monitoring with Ecko360 Industrial

Ecko360 is a technology company pioneering data acquisition and visualization across a range of products and services. Ecko360 has significant experience in both research and development of reality capture and documentation technologies.

Surveillance has turned in to all out remote control over your assets and jobsites through the advancement of solar power, artificial intelligence, cellular connection speeds, the implementation of cloud based data storage and much more.

Ecko360 Industrial’s roots are in CCTV so you can be assured we are unmatched when it comes to integrating different sensors, data, analytics etc to offer you a different level of site management.

Jobsite Surveillance

jobsite live video feed

The National Equipment Register (NER) estimate the value of construction equipment stolen each year at between $300 million to $1 billion. That estimate is for equipment only and doesn’t include tools and building materials which are often easy targets for thieves.

Less than 25% of stolen construction equipment is recovered each year.

Sites without security present a low-risk, high-reward opportunity for thieves. Ecko360 Industrial is a leading provider of mobile surveillance cameras, specifically designed to provide all-in-one site security for temporary sites such as construction, demolition and highways projects.

Live Progress

Video surveillance cameras can allow stakeholders to view time-lapse video of the daily and nightly activities of the construction site. This enables them to monitor progress and identify and address potential problems before they happen.

This can protect the health and lives of the workers and play a major role in loss prevention and construction delays and overruns.There is a wide range of issues that can affect the cost and smooth running of a construction site. Whether you have invested thousands or millions in a construction project, protecting and monitoring the goings-on there is vital.

Access Controls

All construction professions, including health and safety managers, project managers, field workers, and superintendents know that access control comes down to three things — the Three W’s of Labor Tracking:

  1. Who — Is everyone where they are supposed to be? Is each worker properly authorized to be there?

  2. When — Are workers visiting jobsite areas according to schedule? Is there any misunderstanding regarding access expectations?

  3. Where — The fundamental labor tracking question: Where is everybody?

However, sticking to these three guidelines is a lot easier said than done. Many factors play into access control, and good intentions are constantly up against the volatility of day-to-day construction processes.

Benefits of Live Feed

  1. Managers who cannot physically visit the construction site can rest assured that the project is going as planned if they are given access to real-time feeds.

  2. Video captures allow project managers to review the site and implement safety precautions as needed.

  3. Live feeds allow project managers to multi-task

  4. Video logs are great for companies who want to view archives of past projects

  5. Recording the project in video format can also be used for promotional purposes so stakeholders can appreciate the progress of the construction.

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