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Aerial TDLAS & OGI - Gas Detection


See the Invisible, Secure Your Space

Why Aerial TDLAS & OGI

Discover the ultimate solution in aerial surveillance with our UAS-based TDLAS and OGI Gas Detection services. Harness the power of advanced sensing from the skies to identify and quantify gas emissions with precision. Our unmanned aerial systems are equipped with cutting-edge Tunable Diode Laser Absorption Spectroscopy (TDLAS) and Optical Gas Imaging (OGI) technologies, providing you with rapid, accurate, and non-intrusive gas detection capabilities. Ideal for monitoring industrial sites, pipelines, and large infrastructures, our service ensures regulatory compliance, enhances safety, and protects the environment. Elevate your gas monitoring strategy and maintain operational integrity with our efficient, reliable, and comprehensive aerial gas detection service.

What's Aerial TDLAS & OGI?

Aerial TDLAS (Tunable Diode Laser Absorption Spectroscopy) and OGI (Optical Gas Imaging) gas detection utilize unmanned aerial systems to identify and measure gas concentrations from above. TDLAS offers high specificity and sensitivity by measuring gas absorption at specific wavelengths, while OGI allows for visualizing gas plumes in real-time. These methods provide a comprehensive view of gas emissions, enabling rapid, wide-area surveillance and detection that would be time-consuming and potentially hazardous if conducted on the ground. The benefits include enhanced safety through early detection of leaks, the ability to monitor hard-to-reach areas, reduced downtime with proactive maintenance, and ensuring environmental compliance by accurately tracking emission levels. This aerial approach to gas detection is transforming environmental monitoring, industrial safety, and maintenance efficiency.

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Of miles of pipeline integrity.


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Enhanced Safety

UAS operations can significantly reduce the risk to human life by accessing hazardous or difficult-to-reach areas without putting personnel in harm's way.

Cost Efficiency

By deploying UAS for aerial surveys and inspections, companies can save on the costs associated with traditional manned aircraft operations, including fuel, maintenance, and pilot fees.

Time Savings

UAS can be quickly deployed and cover large areas in a fraction of the time required by traditional ground-based methods or manned aircraft.

High-Quality Data

With advanced sensors, UAS can capture high-resolution images and data, providing detailed insights for decision-making.

Easily Accessible

UAS can reach areas that are otherwise inaccessible or challenging for humans or ground vehicles, such as mountainous terrain, dense forests, or disaster zones.

Frequent Monitoring

The ease of deploying UAS makes it possible to conduct regular and repeated surveys, which is essential for monitoring changes over time, such as construction progress or environmental shifts.

Advanced Analysis

The data collected by UAS can be used with sophisticated algorithms for detailed analysis, such as 3D modeling, volumetric calculations, and change detection.

Compliance and Documentation

UAS can help businesses comply with regulatory requirements by providing accurate documentation and records of their operations and assets.

Integrated Data Solutions

UAS data can easily be integrated with GIS and other data systems, enhancing existing databases with aerial perspectives.

Reduced Environmental Impact

UAS operations are typically less intrusive and have a smaller carbon footprint compared to traditional methods involving heavy machinery or manned aircraft.

TDLAS gas detection

20 Different Types of Gases

Elevate your environmental monitoring capabilities with our Aerial UAS TDLAS service, a cutting-edge solution capable of detecting and differentiating between 20 distinct types of gases with precision. This advanced technology, mounted on versatile unmanned aerial systems, provides a comprehensive gas analysis tool, perfect for industries requiring meticulous monitoring of environmental and safety standards. Whether you're managing industrial emissions, conducting environmental research, or ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements, our service offers a swift, non-intrusive, and highly accurate gas detection system, ensuring your operations remain safe, efficient, and environmentally responsible. With our Aerial UAS TDLAS, you'll have the confidence of thorough surveillance and the benefit of data-driven decision-making at your fingertips.

Down to 1 PPM

Elevate your gas detection capabilities with the unparalleled precision of our Aerial UAS TDLAS service, engineered to identify gas concentrations as minute as 1 part per million. This exceptional sensitivity ensures that even the most subtle gas emissions don't escape detection, offering peace of mind for industries where accuracy is paramount to safety and compliance. By deploying our state-of-the-art TDLAS technology, you benefit from its high fidelity measurements, which are crucial for preventing hazardous incidents, minimizing environmental impact, and maintaining operational excellence. Trust our service to deliver meticulous gas analysis with unmatched accuracy, giving you the critical data you need to make informed, confident decisions in real-time.

TDLAS gas detection

Geographically Tagged Hits

Experience the next level of precision with our Aerial UAS gas detection services, where every gas reading is meticulously geographically tagged, allowing you to pinpoint the exact location of leaks with unmatched accuracy. This sophisticated geo-referencing capability means that not only can you detect even the most elusive of gas emissions, but you can also identify their sources with surgical precision. Ideal for industries where safety and precision are non-negotiable, our service ensures that you can swiftly locate and address potential leaks, minimizing environmental risks and operational downtime. Embrace the confidence that comes with our advanced geotagging feature, and maintain the integrity of your operations by relying on our comprehensive, location-specific gas detection solutions.

Straight from the Source of Leak

Harness the superior leak detection capabilities of our Aerial UAS TDLAS, which stands out by identifying leaks right at the source, including ground seepage, with a level of accuracy that ground-based sniffers simply cannot match. Ground sniffers, positioned several feet above the surface, often miss leaks due to gas dilution or atmospheric conditions, whereas our aerial TDLAS technology utilizes advanced laser absorption spectroscopy to detect even the slightest gas emissions directly from the point of origin. This direct detection method significantly reduces false negatives and ensures a more precise response to potential hazards. By integrating our aerial TDLAS services, you're not just detecting leaks; you're actively preventing them from becoming larger issues, ensuring a safer, more secure environment for your operations and the surrounding area.

traditional gas detection
time lapse gas detection

Time-Lapse Capabilities

The timelapse feature in Aerial UAS TDLAS readings is a game-changer for leak management, offering a dynamic and temporal perspective on gas emissions. This powerful tool chronicles the evolution of a leak over time, providing visual evidence of changes in gas emission levels. It's an invaluable asset for prioritizing response efforts—by comparing readings at different intervals, you can verify whether high-priority leaks have been effectively mitigated or if they persist, necessitating further action. This not only streamlines the remediation process but also acts as a verifiable record of the leak's history, enhancing accountability and supporting regulatory compliance. The timelapse capability turns intermittent data into a coherent narrative, allowing for a proactive and informed approach to environmental management and operational safety.

Landfill Methane Detection

Aerial UAS TDLAS gas detection services are a revolutionary asset for landfill management, offering an advanced solution for monitoring and mitigating gas emissions. This technology's precise detection capabilities are particularly suited for assessing methane and other hazardous gases typically emitted from landfills. The use of UAS platforms allows for comprehensive coverage over the vast and varied terrain of landfill sites, which can be challenging to monitor using ground-based methods. The advantages are manifold: it provides a safer means of detecting potentially explosive gases, minimizes human exposure to harmful emissions, and delivers a detailed analysis of gas dispersion patterns. Furthermore, the TDLAS service enhances operational efficiency by quickly identifying areas where gas collection systems might be failing, thereby enabling timely repairs and reducing environmental impact. For landfills striving to comply with stringent environmental regulations and aiming to reduce their carbon footprint, our aerial UAS TDLAS gas detection service is an invaluable tool.

landfill gas detection

0000A Compliance

Combining Aerial UAS TDLAS with Optical Gas Imaging (OGI) technology provides a robust solution for achieving 0000A compliance as outlined by the EPA. This dual approach harnesses the precision of TDLAS for detecting specific gas concentrations and the visualization capabilities of OGI to identify and image gas leaks. Together, they offer a comprehensive gas monitoring strategy that not only meets but exceeds EPA regulatory standards by providing detailed, actionable data. This pairing ensures that leaks are not only detected with high accuracy but are also visually verified, facilitating prompt and effective remediation. For facilities subject to the stringent requirements of 0000A, this integrated service offers an extra layer of protection, enabling them to demonstrate due diligence, maintain operational integrity, and protect the environment from the adverse effects of uncontrolled gas emissions.


ecko360 industrial is the go-to provider for advanced UAV remote sensing services in the Gulf Coast region. Our team of experts has the experience and expertise to deliver accurate, reliable data that can help you take your project to the next level. Contact us today to learn more about our services.

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