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Hot or Not? Why Thermal

Unlock the power of precision with our Aerial UAS Thermal Imaging service, your ultimate solution for detecting the invisible and unveiling critical insights from above. By harnessing the latest in thermal imaging technology, our drones capture subtle temperature variations, revealing hidden problems in infrastructure, identifying energy inefficiencies, and monitoring vast agricultural lands for irrigation needs. Ideal for surveillance, search and rescue, wildlife tracking, and environmental monitoring, our service provides you with a detailed heat signature map that enables proactive maintenance and informed decision-making. Stay ahead of potential issues and elevate your operational effectiveness with our advanced aerial thermal analysis, where every pixel of thermal data can translate into actionable intelligence.

What is Thermal Imaging?

Aerial UAS thermal imaging is a sophisticated technology that uses drones equipped with infrared cameras to capture and record thermal energy emitted from objects on the ground. This technology translates heat—naturally radiated by any object into detailed images that reveal temperature differences too subtle for the naked eye to detect. It's particularly useful in various applications such as inspecting solar panels, detecting heat loss in buildings, monitoring agricultural health, conducting search and rescue operations, and surveillance. In wildlife management, it aids in tracking animal populations without disturbance, and in industrial contexts, it's used for inspecting pipelines and electrical infrastructure for potential faults. Aerial thermal imaging provides a non-invasive, safe, and efficient means to assess, monitor, and manage resources and operations across diverse sectors.

We Take Pride in Our Numbers


Lasers a second


of Dollars saved


Terabytes of data processed


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Exceptional Quality

Advanced Analytics

Utilizes sophisticated algorithms for data interpretation.


Data can be processed to meet specific client needs or project requirements.


Utilizes specialized knowledge and skills of in-house professionals.

Data Security

In-house processing means sensitive data remains within the company's control.

Data Consistency

Ensures uniform processing standards across all projects.


Easily scales processing capabilities to match project size and complexity.

Rapid Turnaround

Eliminates delays associated with outsourcing, leading to faster delivery of results.


Seamlessly integrates with existing workflows and systems.


Reduces the need for multiple stationary sensors or extensive manual surveying efforts, thereby saving costs.

Control Over Data Quality

Direct oversight of the processing ensures high-quality results.


Solar Panel Evaluations

Maximize the efficiency and longevity of your solar investments with our Aerial UAS Thermal Imaging service, tailored for comprehensive solar panel evaluations. Our state-of-the-art thermal drones soar above your solar arrays, pinpointing defective cells and identifying inefficiencies with precision that ground inspections can't match. This non-invasive inspection method minimizes downtime and maximizes output by detecting issues before they escalate into costly repairs. With our thermal imaging service, you'll ensure your solar panels operate at peak performance, optimize energy production, and secure your return on investment. Trust our aerial expertise to illuminate the hidden faults and keep your clean energy flowing seamlessly.

Electrical Inspections

Empower your electrical infrastructure maintenance with our Aerial UAS Thermal Imaging service, designed to ensure uninterrupted power delivery. Our advanced drones equipped with high-resolution thermal cameras provide a clear view of your electrical systems from a safe distance, detecting overheating, overloading, and potential failure points that are invisible to the naked eye. This proactive approach to electrical inspections allows for the identification and rectification of issues before they lead to costly outages or hazardous conditions. Our aerial thermal imaging is the key to reducing maintenance costs, extending the lifespan of your electrical components, and enhancing the reliability of your power network. Choose our service to conduct your electrical inspections with unmatched efficiency and precision, safeguarding your operations against electrical failures.

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Pipeline and Industrial Inspections

Secure the integrity of your industrial operations with our Aerial UAS Thermal Imaging service, the ultimate solution for pipeline and industrial inspections. Our cutting-edge thermal drones provide a comprehensive analysis of your infrastructure, revealing leaks, blockages, and hotspots with unparalleled accuracy. By identifying thermal anomalies that signal potential issues, our service enables you to preemptively address risks, maintain continuous operation, and adhere to safety standards. This aerial advantage minimizes the need for hazardous manual inspections and significantly reduces downtime. With our aerial UAS thermal imaging, you gain not only a bird's-eye view of your assets but also the peace of mind that comes from knowing your industrial systems are functioning optimally and safely.

Search and Rescue Operations

When every second counts, elevate your search and rescue missions with our Aerial UAS Thermal Imaging service. Our drones, equipped with the latest in thermal detection technology, become your eyes in the sky, capable of scanning vast and inaccessible areas with speed and precision. They cut through the darkness, foliage, and challenging terrains to locate missing persons by their heat signatures, delivering critical information to rescue teams in real-time. This not only accelerates rescue operations but also ensures the safety of personnel by minimizing their exposure to potential hazards. In the race against time, our aerial thermal imaging is an indispensable ally, enhancing your response capabilities and increasing the chances of successful rescues.

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Waste Management

Revolutionize your waste management processes with our Aerial UAS Thermal Imaging service. In an industry where efficiency and environmental safety are paramount, our thermal drones offer a swift and accurate solution for monitoring landfill sites, detecting hotspots that indicate potential gas emissions, and identifying sections that require attention. This bird's-eye thermal perspective enables you to manage waste with greater precision, ensuring regulatory compliance and protecting the surrounding environment from potential hazards. Our service offers the advantage of continuous monitoring, which is vital for proactive waste management and operational optimization. With our aerial thermal technology, you can not only oversee but also improve your waste management practices, leading to a cleaner, safer, and more sustainable operation.

Wildlife Surveys

Bring a new dimension to wildlife conservation with our Aerial UAS Thermal Imaging service. Our thermal-equipped drones silently glide across diverse habitats, capturing the heat signatures of elusive and nocturnal wildlife without disturbance. This non-invasive surveying method provides invaluable data on animal populations, behaviors, and habitats, supporting conservation efforts and enabling targeted protection strategies. With our thermal imaging, you can track species in real-time, monitor their health, and ensure their habitat's integrity, all from a safe distance. This cutting-edge approach offers a comprehensive view that ground surveys cannot achieve, making it an essential tool for researchers and conservationists dedicated to preserving our planet's precious wildlife.

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Building Inspections

Enhance the precision and thoroughness of your building inspections with our Aerial UAS Thermal Imaging service. Our drones, equipped with advanced thermal sensors, offer a detailed analysis of your property from a unique aerial perspective. They detect subtle temperature variations, revealing energy inefficiencies, moisture intrusion, insulation flaws, and structural vulnerabilities that are imperceptible in visible light. This non-intrusive method provides a comprehensive diagnostic without the disruption of traditional inspections. By identifying potential issues early, our service aids in preventive maintenance, ultimately saving costs and extending the lifespan of your building. Opt for our aerial thermal solutions to ensure the integrity, safety, and energy efficiency of your infrastructure.

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ecko360 industrial is the go-to provider for advanced UAV remote sensing services in the Gulf Coast region. Our team of experts has the experience and expertise to deliver accurate, reliable data that can help you take your project to the next level. Contact us today to learn more about our services.

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