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Clarity from above

Why Ortho?

Unlock the full potential of your construction projects and beyond with our Aerial UAS Orthomosaic service. By providing an eagle-eye view of your site, we offer you a tapestry of high-resolution, georeferenced imagery that is second to none. Our service grants construction professionals, urban planners, and environmentalists the power to track progress, plan logistics, and manage resources with unprecedented precision. The accuracy and detail of our orthomosaic maps support a myriad of applications, from pre-construction planning to ongoing site monitoring, ensuring that every phase of your project is underpinned by reliable data. Embrace the advantage of a comprehensive, bird's-eye perspective and make informed decisions that save time, reduce costs, and drive efficiency across industries.

What's a Orthomosaic?

Aerial UAS orthomosaic is a technique where high-resolution images captured by drones are stitched together to form a single, large-scale, detailed map. This map is corrected for topographic relief, lens distortion, and camera tilt to ensure that the scale is uniform across the image. The benefits of this technology are extensive: it provides an accurate representation of an area, allowing for precise measurements of distance, area, and volume directly from the image. It's incredibly useful for applications in agriculture, construction, and urban planning, offering a cost-effective way to survey and monitor large or inaccessible lands. Additionally, it facilitates up-to-date land management and helps in tracking changes over time, ensuring that stakeholders have the most current and detailed view of their assets.

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Exceptional Quality

Extensive Coverage

Capable of covering large areas quickly, making it ideal for mapping and surveying extensive landscapes or infrastructure.

Dynamic Data Collection

Offers the ability to capture data on the move, which is perfect for monitoring changes in environments over time or for large-scale projects.

High Spatial Resolution

Mobile sensors often provide high-resolution data, allowing for detailed analysis of the surveyed areas.

Enhanced Safety

Minimizes the need for human personnel in potentially hazardous areas, thereby enhancing safety.

Data Consistency

Offers standardized data collection, which can be crucial for projects that require consistent methodology over time and across different locations.


Systems can be scaled up or down depending on the size and scope of the project, making mobile remote sensing adaptable to both small and large-scale operations.


Accelerates the data collection process, enabling faster turnaround times for projects requiring up-to-date geographic information.

Improved Accessibility

Can access difficult terrains or urban areas where traditional aerial methods or stationary sensing is impractical.


Reduces the need for multiple stationary sensors or extensive manual surveying efforts, thereby saving costs.


Adaptable to various platforms such as vehicles, trains, or boats, allowing for the collection of data in different contexts and environments.


Energy Sector

For planning and maintenance of renewable energy installations like solar farms and for utility corridor mapping.

Energize your operational efficiency and planning accuracy with our Aerial UAS Orthomosaic services, specifically tailored for the energy sector. Harness the power of high-resolution, georeferenced imagery to streamline the development and maintenance of energy infrastructure, from sprawling solar farms to intricate utility networks. Our precision mapping enables you to conduct thorough site assessments, monitor construction progress, and manage assets with unparalleled clarity. With our orthomosaic services, you can identify potential issues before they arise, ensuring uninterrupted energy production and distribution. Optimize your resource allocation and safeguard your operations against the unexpected, all while minimizing environmental impact. Let our aerial insights illuminate the path to a more sustainable and efficient future for your energy projects.

Disaster Response and Management

For damage assessment and to aid in the efficient allocation of emergency services and resources.

Take command of disaster management with our Aerial UAS Orthomosaic service, your eye in the sky during critical times. When calamity strikes, swift, precise, and reliable information is vital for effective response and recovery. Our service provides an immediate, accurate visual overview of the affected areas, enabling emergency teams to pinpoint impacted zones, assess the extent of damage, and strategize relief efforts effectively. The high-resolution, georeferenced orthomosaics ensure that rescue operations are based on the most current and detailed data available, facilitating better resource allocation and safer navigation through devastated terrains. With our UAS technology, empower your disaster management with the clarity and detail needed to make life-saving decisions and to coordinate rapid, efficient, and targeted responses.

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Construction and Real Estate

To monitor construction progress, for site planning, and real estate visualization.

Elevate your construction and real estate projects with our premier Aerial UAS Orthomosaic service. By providing crystal-clear, georeferenced aerial views, our orthomosaics serve as the foundation for precise planning, monitoring, and showcasing of your property developments. For construction, track your project's progress with pinpoint accuracy, manage resources more effectively, and ensure adherence to design plans, all while keeping site safety in focus. In real estate, offer potential buyers or investors the unique perspective they crave, with stunning, detailed site maps that bring the layout and surrounding features of a property to life. Our orthomosaic services are not just tools—they are your gateway to streamlined operations, enhanced marketing appeal, and a solid, data-driven basis for all your construction and real estate decisions

Mining and Quarrying

To calculate stockpile volumes, plan excavations, and monitor environmental compliance.

Optimize your mineral extraction and quarry management with our Aerial UAS Orthomosaic service, a game-changer in the mining and quarrying industry. With precision from above, our orthomosaics provide you with the most detailed, up-to-date site imagery, allowing for meticulous volume tracking, terrain analysis, and operational planning. Make informed decisions about resource allocation and extraction strategies by visualizing your site in a way ground surveys can't compete with. Our service enhances safety by reducing the need for on-site personnel, increases efficiency by accelerating the survey process, and improves profitability through precise stockpile measurements and loss reduction. Step into a new era of mining and quarrying with our aerial insights—where every decision is backed by the sharpest data in the field.


Insurance and Property Assessment

To evaluate properties for risk management and insurance purposes.

Revolutionize your property assessments and risk management strategies with our Aerial UAS Orthomosaic service, tailored for the insurance sector. Gain a new perspective on property evaluation with our ultra-high-resolution aerial imagery, providing you with the detail needed for accurate underwriting and claims processing. Our orthomosaics allow for a comprehensive view of properties, helping you identify potential risks and document pre-existing conditions with precision and ease. In the event of a claim, our service offers invaluable data for swift, fair, and incontrovertible assessments, minimizing disputes and expediting resolutions. For insurers seeking to stay ahead of the curve, our aerial UAS orthomosaic service is the key to unlocking enhanced client satisfaction, operational efficiency, and unmatched accuracy in property assessment.

Transportation Planning

For road and railway mapping, planning new routes, and managing existing transport infrastructure.

Chart the course for the future of transportation with our Aerial UAS Orthomosaic service, a pivotal tool for transportation planning. By delivering exceptionally detailed and accurate aerial maps, we empower planners and engineers to envision and execute transportation projects with a new level of precision. Our orthomosaics are essential for route selection, land acquisition, and the design of roads, railways, and bridges, ensuring that every facet of the transportation network is optimized for efficiency and sustainability. Reduce the guesswork in impact assessments and minimize the need for costly ground surveys. With our UAS technology, you can streamline project timelines, mitigate potential issues before they arise, and plan with the confidence that comes from having the most comprehensive data at your fingertips.

DALL·E 2023-11-21 12.12.55 - Create a detailed and vibrant aerial orthomosaic map showcasi
DALL·E 2023-11-21 12.17.00 - Create an intricate aerial orthomosaic map for water resource

Water Resources Management

For watershed and floodplain mapping, and planning of irrigation systems.

Secure the future of water resource management with our Aerial UAS Orthomosaic service, a vital tool for safeguarding and optimizing our most precious resource. Our high-resolution aerial maps provide an unprecedented level of detail for watershed analysis, irrigation planning, and flood risk management. These insights allow you to monitor changes in land use, assess water body health, and ensure the efficient distribution of water resources. For projects that demand accuracy—from designing robust flood defenses to implementing sustainable agricultural practices—our orthomosaics offer a clear, current, and precise base layer of data. Leverage our aerial capabilities to not only conserve and manage water resources more effectively but also to support the critical decision-making that underpins the resilience of our ecosystems and communities.

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ecko360 industrial is the go-to provider for advanced UAV remote sensing services in the Gulf Coast region. Our team of experts has the experience and expertise to deliver accurate, reliable data that can help you take your project to the next level. Contact us today to learn more about our services.

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